“Oft ic sceolde ana uhtna gehwylce mine ceare cwiþan. Nis nu cwicra nan þe ic him modsefan minne durre sweotule asecgan.”

Often I had alone to speak of my trouble each morning before dawn. There is none now living to whom I dare clearly speak of my innermost thoughts.

(excerpt from “The Wanderer”, Old English, late X cent.)

5 Responses to Welcome…

  1. WebmasterMascherato says:

    Talk the same way you eat…
    great friend fantagod…

  2. Francesco Vitellini says:

    it’s not wise to talk with a full mouth ;)

  3. WebmasterMascherato says:

    just swallow, then eat :P

  4. WebmasterMascherato says:


  5. Francesco Vitellini says:

    now THAT’s a good idea :D

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